Checking In

From the scarcity of this blog you may have guessed that i haven't been doing much art lately. There are tiny projects here and there - doodles or photos and I cut one of my drawings out of a laser machine.

I moved to a new place with a nice outdoor area and i have been enjoying hanging upside down on my inversion table. The part I don't like is trying to organize the things i already have - jewelry, makeup, art supplies, clothes…. Maybe i should just get rid of all of it and start over…

I also had fun for awhile trying to play the football pool - but after not winning I'm starting to get bored with the whole thing.

I am in the same boat with music - I've got some new stuff but am hung up in the recording and finishing process. That is where i get bored and tend to abandon things. But the songs are there. The titles are "Blue Skies" and "Open Water" for guitar/vocal stuff and "Area of Refuge" for electronic stuff.

I've been getting inspired by watching Astrology videos by The Peace Dealer and taking the bus to work.

I am very sleepy right now…. at work…. can you tell?

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