Who's feet are those?

Twice I have used the restroom today and someone else has been in there - it's usually empty, Sometimes I leave if i see the feet in time but sometimes I make the mistake of sitting before i notice the feet and then I have to go through with it.

Sometimes I am the one sitting in the stall and someone walks in and I think "oh no!" But then they must have seen my feet and they leave. "Whew..."

Who's feet are those? Only 35 or so people work here and only 11 are women. Do they know who i am by my feet? I plug my ears and squint my eyes to block out the silence so I can pee. I wonder if they do the same. I'm sure they are so annoyed that I sat down without first noticing their feet - the presence of which would tell me to head to the other restroom.

May be a new series....

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