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My art - death metal - huh?

I've been asked to vend art at a death metal show. I am not sure why. I think just because I go to a lot of shows at this place and they know I'm an artist. I really don't think my art fits in with death metal but I like going to death metal shows and have for many years. I'm thinking about cancelling. I don't specialize in skulls and death and skeletons and intricate sexy death imagery. I'm also leaning toward looking at it as a challenge and an opportunity to create something new. I mean there is a good chance I would be at the show anyway. Maybe I'll just adjust my color palette. Or look at it as an opportunity to delve into why I am attracted to death metal. Maybe I'll make some black cats or bats or images of sketchy bands. Maybe I'll make some actual products like key chains. Maybe it will be more graphic design oriented. Sometimes the best work comes out of the I Don't Know Realm so it might be interesting to see what happens. It is April 5th at the Verona in Newport Richey, Florida. 

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